Ahuramazdan Astrology

The modern Astrology I do began in ancient Iran. I call it Ahuramazdan Astrology.

In the beginning humans migrated out of Africa when life was intolerable some 20,000 years ago. They went North and eventually came to the Zagros Mountains in the Iranian Plateau.

The Zagros Mountains provided them with ample water and slowly they began to cultivate the land. Wheat was grown. The Zagros Mountains also gave them the ability to observe the changes in time. Ancient observatories were built.

The earliest writing was in the Proto-Elamites, and then the Sumerians. The oral tradition of prayers to the universe were created. These later were written in the Zend-Avesta according to the seasons. Reverences or Yasna were given to each constellation in the universe. Modern Astrology as we know it was born.